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LG system is key for promotion of democracy in the country: Imran khan

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Imran khan said that local government system is a key for the promotion of the democracy in the country and demanded from the government to hold local government elections in the Country.

Imran khan expressed these views in a joint press conference here with the former chairman national reconciliation bureau Danyal Aziz. He said that Englishmen established local government in their countries and commissioner system had been deliberately left in Pakistan to keep people under developed.

Imran khan said that Implementation of this commissioner system again in the country would be a great injustice with the people of the Country, adding that despite the fact that this system was started by the Musharraf government but termination of this system because of personal differences is not favorable for the country. Abolishment of this system would increase the problems for the people.

On the occasion Imran khan announced to support the movement for the existence of local government system in the country, as it was quite feasible for the promotion of democracy in the country and should be strengthened by government in the country.

Speaking on the occasion Danyal Aziz said that PML-F (functional) has assured its support for the jeeway Pakistan movement and consensus between political parties of the country was a good sign.

He said that government should respect the voice of the people and should not oppose the local government system in the country.

During this occasion other leaders of Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaf were also present.

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