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Musharraf active after his recent Saudi Iftar

After his recent iftar with the Saudi Monarch, Shah Abdullah, former President Musharraf has been known to have become quite active in London.

In his recent spate, he has reportedly met former PM, Shaukat Aziz, while there is a strong chance of his meeting attorney general Malik Qayyum, who also happens to be in London.

Among others who have held meetings with the former President include, former minister Tikka Iqbal Muhammad Khan, Humayun Gohar and others.

Former President is consulting all these visitors regarding his role as the future President of Pakistan, preferring to take an early start from 01st Dec 2009 in this regard.

Some friends have even suggested him to form his own political party, and he has known to have expressed his keen desire to serve his Country, via nay platform available. He expressed his great concerns for Pakistan being faced with many challenges.

However some legal experts have been known to have advised him not to visit Pakistan so early, and rather wait for an opportune moment in this regard.

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