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Air, Naval chiefs pay tribute to war heroes

Air Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Suleman and Naval chief Admiral Noman Bashir have paid tribute and homage to the heroic deeds of all those valiant men and women, who embraced Shahadat in the Indo-Pak war of 1965

Air Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Suleman in his message said, ” 6th of September is a day of glory and remembrance in the history of Pakistan. Today, we pay tribute and homage to the heroic deeds of all those valiant men and women, who embraced Shahadat in the Indo-Pak war of 1965. We also owe a debt of gratitude to their proud families, who sacrificed their dear ones to preserve our freedom.

The 1965 war was unique in many ways. A small nation and its armed forces stood the challenge of time to blunt the aggression of a much bigger adversary. It was during this war that Pakistan Air Force came of age to outclass the Indian Air Force – three times its size. The PAF Shaheeds and Ghazis wrote an inspiring saga of courage and bravery in the skies of Indo-Pakistan. This magnificent success was the result of an excellent professional training, superior combat motivation, resolute commitment, bold leadership and, above all, an unshakable faith in Allah Almighty’s blessings. Today, we remember those gallant sons of the soil with profound respect and reverence, he said.

“On the Defence Day of Pakistan-2009, when our country is facing external as well as internal enemies, I would like to reassure my countrymen that like always Pakistan Air Force is focused on its mission and is strong and vigilant. With the blessings of Allah Almighty and prayers of the people of Pakistan, PAF is ready to blunt any threat to our beloved homeland. May Allah grant us the strength and vision to fulfil our obligations, in line with the expectations of the nation, he said.

Naval Chief Admiral Noman Bashir in his message said, “6 September reminds us of the indomitable courage of the people and Armed Forces of Pakistan in thwarting nefarious designs of the enemy. Unswerving spirit and unflinching resolve to defend the motherland were the hallmark of all battle fronts on land, sea and air in the 1965 War. Today we pay tributes to our Shuhuda and Ghazis whose sacrifices and heroic deeds will always be remembered in the history of valour and fearlessness.
This day also underlines the significance of maritime strength. During the 1965 War, Pakistan Navy enjoyed complete freedom of the seas. By adopting a proactive and bold strategy, Pakistan Navy was able to keep a much larger adversary at bay and did not allow it to contest our control of the sea in, anyway. Dwarka Operation is an explicit example of the supremacy of PN at sea in 1965 War.

The importance of Pakistan’s geo-strategic location and changing socio-political situation has added a different spectrum to the defence of the nation. It calls for more responsibility and alertness. Pakistan Navy being cognizant of Pakistan’s maritime defence requirements has acquired first F-22P ship from China. The ship has sailed and is expected to reach Karachi by mid September 2009. It will surely augment surface force capabilities of Pakistan Navy. Pakistan Navy is also in the process of acquiring P3C aircraft from USA to enhance PN’s capability to undertake surveillance of its area of interest. Beside this, acquisition of new submarines would provide synergy of PN’s operations and offset the imbalance developed after the phasing out of old Daphnes.

The contemporary era is characterized by interdependence and the need to work collectively for peace and stability. In the maritime context, we need to work together with our friends and coalition partners to ensure freedom of seas. Despite resource constraints, PN, in addition to active participation in CMCP, has also assigned PN units in Anti Piracy Operation off Somalia Coast. We will remain committed, in accordance with national policies, to play our due role in the maritime domain and will continue to contribute significantly to regional maritime security.

On this auspicious day, the officers and men of Pakistan Navy stand proud and bow their heads before Allah Almighty for giving us the vision, determination and courage to make defence of the nation’s sea frontiers impregnable. We renew our pledge to remain vigilant and defend the sea frontiers of our motherland. May Allah be our source of courage and steadfastness.”, he said.


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