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3 police constables gunned down

Three police constables Sunday were shot dead by unknown assailants in the early hours of Sunday(6th Sep), some 25 kms away from Attock.policemen killed in attock

Regional Police Officer has ordered an inquiry into the tragic incident. As per the police sources four cops were deployed at Harro Railway bridge near Faqir Abad (Lawrencepur). On Sunday morning when their incharge head constable Abdul Rashid was not present at the place and the constables were asleep, unknown assailants killed them. All were shot at their heads which resulted in their Instant death.

Regional Police Officer who visited the scene told reporters that apparently it was not an act of terrorism as all the weapons and other belongings of the constables were not taken away by the assailants. However at this stage exact cause could not be known. He said that all available resources would be utilized to apprehend the culprits.

The dead bodies of the constables which include Yasin R/O Malhoo , Naeem Shah r/o Pandak and Bisharat R/O Faqirabad were later shifted to hospital for autopsy.


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