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Saudi Arabia makes vaccination against Swine flu, season flu mandatory for Hajj Pilgrims

Saudi government has made mandatory upon Hajj pilgrims of all countries including Pakistan to be vaccinated against Swine flu and seasonal flu.

Any pilgrim without the vaccination certificate would not be allowed to enter the Kingdom, according to a letter written by ministry of religious affairs of Saudi Arabia to all diplomatic missions.

Hajj ministry of Saudi Arabia had organized an international workshop after the spread of the swine flu. During this workshop several measures were approved for the ucoming hajj season.

During this workshop it was also decided that all the pilgrims would have to present the certificate that they have been vaccinated against seasonal flu and the swine flu.

It is also emphasized on the Muslim countries to start a health education Programmes to aware the pilgrims about the steps for the prevention of swine flu.

Sources also told Online that ministry of religious affairs of Pakistan has also received the same directions but not even a single pilgrim has so far been vaccinated as the ministry is still pondering on how to bear the expense for this vaccination campaign.

A senior official of religious ministry told that ministry of religious affairs collects money as security from the organizers. This amount is transferred to different banks and profit received from it which is used for providing services to hajj pilgrims.

Government can also use this amount for the vaccination against swine flu to the pilgrims but this step has not been taken yet. While the Saudi government has made it clear in the letter written by the Saudi religious ministry that no one without being vaccinated against the swine flu would be allowed to enter in Saudi Arabia


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  1. Reading so many articles about it… To be afraid, or not?

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