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Pakistan tries correcting its role against terror: Zardari

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that Pakistan was trying its best to overcoming any shortcomings in its role against the war on terror.

In an interview with BBC World Service here on Wednesday evening, Zardari said democracy was working and we are empowered and have got political responsibility.

Defending the one-year performance of his government, he said Pakistani military, government and democracy could give better results and, therefore, the world should extend support to Pakistan.

In reply to a question regarding ‘British police action’ in Pakistan, Zardari said he would accept the proposal if British police were better than our police but our big problem is resources and if world provides us resources then we could extend the war against Taliban to other areas.

To a question regarding Osama, he said, “Osama Bin-e-Laden has died and the Pakistani nation is with us against terrorists”, he remarked.

Referring Afghanistan, he demanded investigation into killings in Qandooz attack, in which 70 persons had been killed.

According to Zardari, the United Nations and other international organizations are present in Afghanistan and they have conducted investigations in such events in the past.

Regarding rigging allegations in Afghan elections, the President said the allegations are being reviewed, however, he supported Karzai and hoped to attend his oath taking ceremony.

Earlier, in an interview with APP, he said the Balochistan problems should be resolved through Parliament decision instead of presidential pardon.

In reply to a question regarding big success of his government, Zardari said, “time and history will show”.

He said he would preside the meeting of Friends of Democratic Pakistan along with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and US President Barack Obama in New York next month, which according to him would prove a political platform for the solution of problems of the region and challenges confronting the nation.

“It is the collective responsibility of the world to compensate the losses of Pakistan it has suffered due to extremism and terrorism”, he added.

Regarding Taliban, he said eliminating them is the responsibility of the whole world and termed unjustified the objections raised by certain circles that the Gilgit Baltistan package would harm the Kashmir cause.


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  1. Khurram

    Zardari has turned the tide of public opinion against Taliban in a short period through his political acumen. This public support has ultimately allowed Army to fight the biggest threat to Pakistan’s and Army’s existence in decades. He kept him upright against menace of Taliban; whole nation supported President Zardari for actions against Taliban. Still there is, always have some room for improvement. Pakistan always tries correcting its role against terror, because we are responsible state and we know that Taliban’s agenda is dangerous for the whole world. Entire international community must help Pakistan in this regard.

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