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US citizens asked to restrict their movement ahead of 9/11 anniversary

The US have asked its citizens and senior officers living in Pakistan to restrict their movement due to security reason ahead of 9/11 anniversary.

The US has issued a security advisory to its citizens and officers living in Pakistan directing them to restrict their movements, sources said.

The US authorities and citizens in Peshawar and Karachi consulates should restrict their official activities while in Lahore and Islamabad they should avoid going into public gathering, markets and bazaars, the advisory said.

The US citizens and officers have also been instructed not to go to restaurants where there is no proper security system.

The advisory says the security situation in Pakistan is deteriorating and recent assassination attempt on Pakistani Federal Religious Affairs Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi in high security zone envisaging that terrorists can launch attack anywhere and anytime, sources added.

The demonstration being held with regard to assassination attempt on Hamid Saeed Kazmi can turn into violence and US citizens and authorities stay away from them.

The terrorists can also launch attack at large extent in FATA and Nwfp. The advisory also says terrorists’ activities can not be ruled out at anniversary of 9/11 as a reaction. The US citizens and authorities have also been directed to ensure implementation on advisory strictly, sources said.


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