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Faithful prepare to sit in Aitakaf from today

Million of Muslim worshippers through out the country are ready to sit in Aitakaf from today(Friday, the 20 Ramazan) as the holy month of Ramzan enters its last decade.

Strict security measures are being employed through out the country in mosques and credentials of all those people who are going to sit in Aitakaf are being gathered.

The worshipers will offer their Maghrib Namaz in mosques and after Isha Namaz they will enter in adjacent camps for sitting to ‘Aitakaf ‘. The worshipers will remain in the camps in Aitakaf condition till the moon of Eid-ul-Fitr emerges.

The security arrangements have been tightened in this regard. Security personals have been deployed at out side of all mosques and documents of the worshipers are being registered.

A large number of people would sit in Aitakaf at Faisal Masjid in Islamabad. About one hundred worshipers will observe ‘Aitakaf at Badshahi Masjid of Lahore.

Special prayers would be offered during the odd numbered nights of last decade of Ramazan. The special religious programmes would be organized. The mosques will be specially illuminated.

Supreme court justice Khalil Ramday and justice Aijaz Chaudhry will also observe ‘Aitakaf ‘.

Muslims of all over the world will offer special prayers and will pray for fulfill of their desires in odd nights of last decade of Ramzan for searching ‘Lailatul Kadar(A special blessing night in which God fulfils all right desires).


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  1. shabnum

    So,it means u r going to sit in aitakaf also ?

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