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7 ex-army personnel deployed for security of Pervez Musharraf on permanent basis

Former President Pervez Musharraf has engaged on permanent basis 7 army personnel who were deployed for his security during his tenure as president and he is paying their salaries and other perks out of his pocket.

Giving the details for the first time after the retirement of former president the official sources told as many as 8 army personnel were deployed for the security of former president who were considered his most trusted men as they were Pervez Musharraf own selection.

Only one serving Col Ilyas is deployed with former president at present who was transferred to interior ministry on deputation for three years and when his deputation term would expire he would revert to army and seek retirement.

Col Ilyas is deployed on the security of former president by interior ministry and other security personnel have been retired from the army. These security personnel are holding the ranks of major, naik, havaldar and sepoy.

When contacted military sources confirmed only one officer deployed on the security of former president was a serving officer in military and he was also performing his duties in interior ministry on deputation.


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  1. Mshaheen

    We want Musharraf back!

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