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Facebook impression poll asking “What do you feel about Dr.Amir Liaquat?” reveals surprising results

The result of a impression poll with the question “what do you feel about Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain” on Facebook has really amazed me because from the total 767 votes, 566 voters called him “Dramay Baz” and only 91 voters said he is “Good”.

The poll was created on Sep 1, 2009 by Raza B on Facebook and has five options Good, Bad, Dramay Baz, No Feelings and So So.

As yet 767 voters have cast their votes among which 12 % (91 votes) choose Good, 3% (20 votes) choose Bad, 74 % (566 votes) choose Dramay Baz, 7% (57 votes) choose No Feelings and 4% (33 votes) click on So So.

The poll also got 98 comments and very few in favour of Amir Liaquat and the rest said he deserves this.

A user of facebook Baseer Alam Hashmi said “He recites Beautiful Naats”, another user Mazhar Awan said in comments that “Yaar he is a nice man and equipped with handsome knowledge as well…” but right beneath this comment Syed Adnan Ayub has written “fake PhD degree Holder”.

One other user Hasan Rafiq shares his feelings by saying “I think he is the most fake person i have ever seen. Total drama is what he does. May Allah guide him to the right path” Brekhna Jamil writes “Big Big Dramay Baz” whereas Rabiya Sammi comments “He is a big hypocrite” and Ali Jakhar said that “He should be acting in Star Plus”.

Another user Hassan Ijtaba said “We should not call any one, anything wihtout proof…he may look dramay baaz but he does has knowledge…uski shakal ignore kar k kabhi uski baat sun’nay ke koshish kro” another person Wafa Ali writes “Just dont critisize anyone because he is not from your sect. Whatever he is doing and with any intention, I can say that atleast he is not causing suffer to Islam. He is trying to be social in a way he likes.

Theek hai ghalatian har ek se ho jatee hian.. Ham se b hotee hain.

And one more thing, don’t see any ones act as an authority over Islam. Just take it with a broad mind and examine it upon your wisdom. Tau aap ko bhot see baatein Amir bhai ke sahee b lagein gee. I am sure.”

It is though not possible to write all 98 comments here but one thing is very clear by looking at this poll that the impression of Dr. Amir Liaquat is not good among youngsters.

My comments

It was the Ramadan of 2005 when I first watched Amir Liaquat’s Programme Alim Online sitting with my two friends who at that time said “why are you watching him, he is a big hypocrite” and in reply I said it does not matter who he is but what matters for me is what he is saying. I am not a fan of Amir Liaquat but I still watch one of his TV Programme regarding “The day of judgment” at the time of Sehri which one of my friend made fun by saying ” you are watching Amir Liaquat at Sehri times, es ka matlab hey tera roza nai hota”


  1. diana

    it means like others u also follow amir liaqat in so called hatred as well,u r so farigh


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