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Black water recruits 30 locals from Peshawar

Black Water, the notorious US Security agency, has recruited thirty locals on different posts and has limited its activities.

According to sources, 30 locals having education from Matric level to MBA, BA and M. Com have been recruited by US Black Water Agency at different posts.

The agency has even purchased local guest house at University road.

The sources said that their income has been fixed from five thousand to twenty five thousands.

The newly appointed persons have been directed to show themselves affiliated with private departments and do not give out information of their affiliation with Black Water agency.

The sources also said Black water has limited its activities due to reservations of political parties and other organizations regarding the presence of Black water in Peshawar.


  1. diana

    so,u moving to peshawar now ?

  2. sajjad khan

    yar i also want a job in american black water. plz plz im batchlor

  3. Faazil

    Sir , Madam
    with due respect how i can get job in it ? i am educated and jobless,

  4. if i want to serve with u……….wat abt ur salary……minimum……2,50,000…….if have then………….bolna…….bcz dats not job……..dats a game of death……..ok

  5. Hilal Khan

    hi plz sir give me job in black water agency my education is FA plz plz plz…….

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