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Kashmala Tariq and Firdous Ashiq Awan fight and exchange harsh words live in a local TV programme

PM calls Kashmala; assures to take action against Firdous Ashiq

Federal Minister for Population Welfare Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan and newly elected Secretary Information of PML-Q Like Minded Group Kashmala Tariq in a TV programme use unparliamentary and uncivilised language leaving the anchor of the News TV programme totally in shock.kashmala and firdose awan

In a local Political programme which was recorded specially on the occasion of “The Democracy Day” the anchor of the programme invited three ladies, Federal Minister for Population Welfare Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan who was representing PPP, Secretary information PMLQ like minded group and the spokesperson of Tehreek Insaf Dr. Shireen Mizari, to have some healthy talk on democracy but the ladies started taking loose live in front of the camera, and instead discussing the real issue, they started blaming each other by using a uncivilized language which never ever been spoken on any Pakistani TV programme before.

It all started when Kashmala Tariq blamed Firdous Ashiq awan by saying her “Lota” (the person who leaves one party by joining other” which Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan responded quickly by saying “At least I did not come from Heera Mandi (Red light area in Lahore) and started my career as a prostitute”

While both senior politicians were having this loose talk Dr. Shireen Mizari tried to clam both of them by saying “please come to the point and discuss the real topic here democracy”. She also asked Federal Minister whether she was the member of PMLQ, which Dr. Firdous denied saying she did not started her political career from PMLQ, leaving Kashmala Tariq to laugh out loud.

Kashmala tariq on a the lie that Dr. Firdous never joined PMLQ, laughed heavily, her laugh made Firdous Ashiq Awan really angry and in anger she said “at least I did not use bedrooms for political gains”

This was the time when the anchor person himself was speechless and with shocking face he said I am going to be mad at least don’t talk like this.



  1. this was very disgusting of firdous ashiq to hurl such accusations on kashmala tariq..firdous ashiq herself is nothing but a “lota”.

  2. Shaista Zulfiqar

    It is the saddest the woman Firdous could get. The Minister has played an abysmally shameful role in the whole Chief Justice issue and now she has the balls to come on TV again. They are one heck of an ignominious clan, this PPP. But I had no idea they could get as cheap as the MQM Qoons.

    Everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl, fatty proved it again. Lota should not elicit a cheap jibe like that. I am impressed by Kashmala on the other hand who kept her cool. Kudos to the lady.

    Lady 1: The cow 0

  3. Masood Aslam

    Shame on our politicians. These are the people we choose for representing us. They don’t have the sensible behavior and talk like third class people. Shame shame shame.

  4. Massa

    this is very good that pakistani people knope that what is truth

  5. Saif Ali

    As salam u alaikum,

    Jahan Allah subhana wa talla ka qanoon aur hukam nahin balke insanon ka qanoon aur hukam ho ga, wahan aisi baatein hoti rahein gi, jo halat Pakistan ki hai(buhat buri, buhat dardnaak,sharamnaak), us pakistan ki jisse Islam ke naam par azaad karaya gaya tha, isliye hai ke Allah ka nizam nahin hai. Allah hum sab ko wo din dikhaye jab pakistan mein balke duniya mein Allah ka nizam qayam ho ga.

    As salam u alaikum

  6. Sharjeel

    Its really bad. Firdous is not only a lota, changing loyalties with change in fortunes of political parties, but also a woman of low intellect, honour and dignity. Shame on her. Its women like her that bring shame to politics.

  7. hussain

    the whloe parliment is corrupt. All the women who are sitting there are whore and all the men are pimps. icing on the cake is your prseident and sindh home minister are bisexual.

  8. hassan

    Pakis are cheap nation frustrated ill mannered and gutter minded. Firdos is cheap nurd fat goof. No respect and dignity. Sham democracy. This nation needs more time to become a civilized nation.

  9. qam

    this is really very disgusting…..nn dis lady firdous ashiq awan….i dont have words for her…..she has used such a radiculous language in front of camera.she was fighting like an illiterate village women…n its really amazing that kashmala was quite…nn dats good dat she kept herself calm…

  10. Shabbir

    These kind of politicians are representing us, its shame for Pakistani nation. These politicians should learn ethics. All I would say is “HAR SHAKH PE EK ULU BETHA HAY, ABB ANJAM E GULISTAN KIA HOO GA”.
    SAHME , SHAME, SHAME………………….

  11. Maaz Ahmad

    They way two politicians have portrayed their level of intellect is really embarrasing for the entire nation.Where the whole nation is havin a hard time fighting against the terrorism this untoward exchange of sarcasm on such an open forum has debased the dignity of our Country.which may add fuel to fire and make people more frustrated.it has inevitably ruined the image of our politicians not only at international platform but in the minds of masses as well who theirselves have chosen them to suck their bloods.But being a muslim i would wait to see all these blood suckers getting annihilated from this land of peace.

    jab taaj uchhalay jain gay….
    hum dekhain gay….laazim hay k hum bhi dekhain gay…

    May allah subhana wa tala give the profound wisdom.


  12. Abdul Aziz Asi

    Even an uneducated and uncivilized person does not use such a vulger and bazari language as Dr.Sahiba used in live programe.She appeared very cheap,uncivilized and from a very mean family.I really appericiate the courage and wisdom of Kashmala Tariq that she listened all of her vulgarity.If PPP has some humanity he should fire her from party immediately.Dr.Firdous is shame for party and for the nation.
    Abdul Aziz Asi
    Saudi Arabia

  13. Mus

    Firdous shouldn’t have used indecent words on a TV shows.Actually when she used the word “heera mandi” she said so when looking at Kashmala Tariq.
    Kashmala Tariq has a tainted past and she is alleged to have a physical affair with Humayun Akhtar Khan.When Khan toured abroad,Kashmala is said to have accompanied her.

  14. Aslam Khan

    The language used by Dr Fardos Ashiq Awan is not acceptable and ought to be condemned.
    Nevertheless, I have heard many stories about manipulation and corruption of Kashmala Tariq but in one case I am the eyewitness. In late 2005, I got chance to visit the office of Lahore Cantonment Board (LCB), for transfer of plot. The file was ready for final signature of Cantonment Executive Officer (CEO) but it after passing of one month concerned official always told me that he (CEO) is busy in meeting with a high profile personality for some sensitive affairs. One day I decided to meet CEO at any cost. As excepted I was told that CEO is busy in meeting. The meeting kept on and after four hours I had lost all my patience and started shouting with his PA. Just after almost three minutes I saw that a beautiful lady with came out. She was famous Kashmala Tariq.
    Now, during four hour stay in LCB, I heard lat of stories. I cannot verify. But, I draw the attention of interested readers, researchers and especially my request to investigating journalists to please make a visit of the office of Lahore Cantonment Board (LCB), Sarwar Road, Lahore Cantt for fact finding mission.
    • Kashmala Tariq was allegedly involved with Cantonment Executive Officer (CEO) for property scam. She earned million of rupees with the help CE, by converting status of land near new Lahore Airport.
    • All officials of LCB will verify the statement that she visit the office daily and all meeting and officials work was suspended on her arrival
    • The personal staff of CEO will verify that CEO used to spend nights with Kashmala Tariq at Lahore Gymkhana.
    • My friend –a retired brigadier told me that she was also partner of a General Zarar Azim, once known as Zarar Zameen.

  15. ResidentHeartthrob

    Like, really dude, you are talking about money scandals of this lady… what is the point, really? The whole PPP government is corrupt, MQM dudes are all murders, criminals, mafia and thugs, ANP… don’t ask about them. So among all such crocodiles, Kashmala Tariq really is nothing but an innocent mermaid.

    AND how exactly does all her hanky panky with ‘gentlemen’ make her a bad girl while the gentlemen sit with their ‘chastity’ intact? All the sexists are requested to shut their gobs.

  16. KJ

    This is good stuff. Desi Jerry springer. next they should have cat fight going on as well that will get the ratings for the TV channels up. wash your dirty linen in public. LOVE it…keep it up also, what was the deal about hera mundi meaning is kashmala from that area. NOT sure but she kept a very cool face. amazing.

  17. alamzaib

    shame on firdous ashiq awan. stupid ,disgusting ,she should look after her own affairs with people.its bad to spoil someone image and that even on unverified basis.she should be removed ,otherwise ppp is doomed.she doesnt look like doctor but some one from heera mandi herself.dont know how she became doctor.allah bachayey

  18. hasnain

    The font isn’t legible

  19. Saad

    saari randiyan hain

  20. Man

    Dr.? una virgogna

  21. sonia

    I am going to post a very funny quote that I read on youtube regarding this incident:

    You say you didnt come into politics through heera mandi, prostitution and someones bed.

    You look like a Pregnant buffalo, which man in his right mind would PAY you anything. You couldnt be a prostitute because NO ONE pay for you, and heera mandi would throw you out because your mouth is so filthy, as for someones bed, well i doubt there is a bed big enough to accommodate your ugly fat ass

    Finally you are the worst kind of sleazy slippery bitch, get lost… forever

  22. chand sohail

    This is Chand Sohail from Lahore, There are bettle not of women but this is fight of pakistan’s culture.


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