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Four major generals promoted to Lieutenant General

At least four major generals have been promoted to be Lieutenant General, Geo News reported Friday.

According to a press released issued here by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), those who have been promoted include Maj Gen Kahlid Nawaz Khan, Maj Gen Sardar Mehmud Ali Khan, Maj Gen M Alam Khatak and Maj Gen Shafqat Ahmed.

Four Lt. Generals of Pak Army are retiring from the service during the current month. They include Lt. Gen Shafqatullah Shah, chief of Logistic Staff, Lt. Gen Raza Muhammed Khan DG Joint Staff, Lt. Gen Masud Aslam Corp Commander Peshawar and Lt. Gen Muhammed Hamid Khan President National Defence University.

Maj Gen Sardar Mehmood Ali Khan is currently performing duties as DG Military Training GHQ, Maj Gen Khalid Nawaz as Commandant Command and Staff College Quetta, Maj Gen M Alam Khatak as Deputy Chief of General Staff and Maj Gen Shafqat Ahmed is currently in service as GOC 10 Infantry Division


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