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Dengue fever claims 7 lives in Haripur

At least 7 people were died due to outbreak of dengue fever in Haripur while new cases have also been reported in various areas of the district.

During last week, seven patients of dengue fever have been died in Khanpur, Pind Gujran, Khoi Nara, Raniwah and other areas of Haripur while dozens new patients have been admitted in hospitals, Private TV Channel.

PML-N MNA from the area Sardar Mohammed Mushtaque has urged the health department to send the teams of doctors to the area to meet the situation. The health authorities urged the people to take precaution measures against dengue fever.

With particular reference to Dengue, they said people who had been inflicted with the disease in the past two years or even before that need to be more cautious.

‘If fever with shivering persists for more than three days, patients must refer to a qualified general practitioner who may advise blood tests to assess blood count,’ they said.

The doctor said it is basically the massive decline in blood platelets which leads to hemorrhage among the dengue fever patients causing shock syndrome and even possible death.

These deaths are largely preventable through timely platelet transfusion among people who may report below normal blood count, to a point where blood may lose its coagulation capacity.

Dengue Fever is reflective of climatic changes and their repercussions at the local as well as global levels are well evident.


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