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Pakistan-India foreign secretaries’ talks remain inconclusive.

The Pakistan-India foreign secretaries’ talk has been reported to have remained inconclusive.

Reliable sources of foreign office have confirmed the diplomatic skeptics, statements of foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qurieshi and overall reservations of Pakistan about the strong inevitability of ‘no breakthrough’ (!) over issues.

As anticipated, the talks between foreign secretaries were conducted in quite tense and uncertain environment. Pakistan’s Salman Bashir is reported to have welcomed his Indian counterpart with a smile and an encouraging, ” I am quite hopeful about the talks” agenda; while his Indian counterpart, Nerupa Rao simply retained his stoic silence in presence of media.

Pakistan dedicated the two and a half hour talks on such issues as the core issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir, restoration of comprehensive dialogue, and water theft; all of which were simply washed away by traditional Indian political, diplomatic and ‘cultural’, obduracy.

The Indian side remained glued and restricted to its rote issues of ‘planning of Mumbai attacks’, and blame-game, which caused quite tension in the atmosphere.

While the Pakistan’s delegation kept up its pressure on the Sharm-Al-Sheikh agenda, the Indian foreign secretary simply regretted any further parlays right during the occasion of planning of agenda for the forthcoming foreign ministers’ talks.

Generally, both delegations avoided media, but Pakistan’s Salman Bashir informed the media afterwards that India should not try to hound and restrict Pakistan with its rote condition of ‘Mumbai Attacks issue’; since Pakistan had always fully and responsibly participated in investigations, which was even lauded by Global community.

He also declared Pakistan’s intentions of retaining peaceful and meaningful relations with all international community, along with India.


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