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Smuggling Scandal: 5-member of a family released by KSA to return home today

Five family members arrested in smuggling case will arrive in the country today (Monday) after their release while Pakistan’ ambassador in Saudi Arabia Umar khan Ali Sherzai also confirmed their release.

Talking to media Umar Khan Ali Sherzai said that five family members who were arrested in KSA on charges of heroin smuggling belong to Karachi areas of Azizabad and Korangi have been released and they will return home today (Monday).

He said that these people include Muhammad Anees, Rabia Anees, Muhammad Arif chohan, Shumaila chohan, and Zahra chohan have been released and after the necessary official work they will arrive in the country today (Monday). After their release these persons were official Guest.

Ambassador said that it is a big success of the Pakistan government which provided the details of the affected family to the Saudi government and after the bilateral investigation their release made.
Pakistani government and nation thanked the Saudi government for the release of this family.

Umar khan ali Sherzai said that custom officers, drug enforcement cell, and travel agents should check the luggage of the travelers and advised them to follow the laws of the Saudi Arabia.

Ambassador further told that actual culprits are in the custody of the Saudi government and legal proceedings have been started against them in the court.
It is pertinent to be mentioned here that in 2007, 136 persons were behead in different cases.

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