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Talks with Pakistani FM, useful, meaningful: S. M Krishna

Addressing a press conference, immediately the talks, the foreign minister of India, S. M. Krishna termed the talks with Pakistan’s foreign minister as quite conducive and useful.

The talks, which have been termed as quite productive and meaningful, agreed that further talks and dialogue should be carried out, with a positive and realistic approach.

He agreed that good strong relations with Pakistan, shorn of any terrorism were must for peace and harmony in this region, and stressed that dialogue was the only way forward.

He also said that “Pakistan’s terrorist groups” were still dangerous for the peace and harmony of region, and said that his Pakistani counterpart had assured him that ‘elements involved in acts of terrorism’ would be strongly dealt with. He also expressed India’s strong resolve to monitor the ‘Mumbai attacks’ investigations.

He, however reiterated India’s maddening obsession with Hafiz Saeed Ahmad’s arrest, demanding immediate action against the leader of banned Lashkar-e-Tayyaba.

Replying to a question, he said that in the aftermath of Sharm-al-Sheikh declaration, India had shown flexibility and softness in its attitude towards Pakistan and strived for better relations, and conditioned any success of comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan’s action against terrorists within its domain.

Referring to back-door diplomacy, he said that as along as direct diplomacy was actively present, he saw no need for any back-door diplomacy.


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