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Public looks at army when democratic govt’s fail, says Musharraf

Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that he did not leave the country under a deal with the current government underlining that public looks towards the army when the democratic government fails.

“I did not leave government through any kind of deal”, EX-President told Journalists and host of Pakistanis here on Monday.

He said that he doesn’t want to lambaste government, as he wants to create a positive impact of the country abroad as time is not to criticize but to mend ways thick and thin.

He said that when the public becomes disappointed with the democratic governments they look towards the army for rescue adding that army chief is never against the democratic government.

He said that he had plans for holding general elections in 2007 but due to the judicial crisis emerging out of deposing if Chief Justice it could not be implemented. However he believes that people still support his efforts which he accomplished during his long tenure.

He said that no corruption charges were proven against Benazir Bhutto that is why she was allowed to return. He said that he had warned Benazir not to return to the country immediately as her life was at risk but she didn’t listen to him and came back and the terrorists succeeded in their endeavor.

He said after Benazir’s return the Sharif brothers also started pressurizing through Saudi government for their return to the country.

He further hinted that Al-Qaeda is present in Pakistan and are taking refuge in the mountains.

Terrorism and Extremism are the biggest hurdles in Pakistan, he held.

We need to flush out militancy at the earliest, he added.


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