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Farah Dogar case: NA body directs ministry to take action against involved officials

The National Assembly Standing Committee for Education has directed the Education Ministry to take strict action against officials involved in awarding additional marks to Farah Hamid Dogar and summoned the former chairman of the Federal Board Air Comdr (Retd) S. M Shamshad.

The meeting of the committee was held here on Wednesday with its Chairman Abid Sher Ali expressed serious concerns over favoritism, corruption in appointment of teachers in schools and said favoritism and corruption damaged the nation and country.

The committee during its meeting called for strict implementation of merit in appointments of all employees in the educational institutions, directing the government to send back the present Director General of Federal Directorate of Education to college and appoint in his place deserved person by promotion.

The committee was informed that the ministry has decided to move Supreme Court against the decision of defunct Islamabad High Court decision validating Farah Dogar additional marks.

The report of the sub-committee in this regard was also presented in the meeting, which says the federal board has no law of reassessment and 20 additional marks given to Farah Dogar has no legal status and directed the Education Ministry to take strict action against involved officials.

Vice Chancellor Rifah International University told the committee that Farah Hamid Dogar was not allowed for entry test on mark sheet of 640 marks but the 2nd day, she presented marks sheet of 661 marks and then the institution had to give her admission according Meezan Foundation quota.

Federal Secretary Education Abdur Rauf told the committee that three officials involved in Farah Dogar reassessment have been blacklisted life term for examination affairs and now neither they could check papers nor give duties at exams centers.

He said the Education Ministry has issued show cause notices to its teachers, while the third teacher is that Ministry of Defense and letter has been sent to the Minister for action against him.

He informed the meeting that the Ministry of Education has decided to file appeal in the Supreme Court against the decision of defunct Islamabad High Court validating the additional marks of Farah Dogar so that any student could not do reassessment of marks in future on the basis of this decision.

The meeting expressed serious concerns over reports of alleged corruption and favoritism in the recent appointment of teachers in the Islamabad schools and directed the ministry to review the appointment and follow merit strictly in future.

Abid Sher Ali said on the occasion that favoritism and corruption has damaged the nation and country, urging the ministry officials to ignore the recommendations of MNAs and MPAs.

Expressing concerns over appointment of Model College Principal as Director General of Federal Directorate of Education, not promoting Director Shehnaz Anjum in scale 20 and appointing as DG FDE, the committee directed the ministry to appoint the present DG back principal of the college, while promote Dr Shehnaz Anjum in scale 20 according to laws and in the light of Supreme Court decision.

Recommending Dr Shehnaz for appointment of DG FDE, the committee constituted three member permanent committee comprising Rana Afzal, Justice (Retd) Fakhar-un-Nisa Khokar and one another member to review the implementation of committee decisions.

Abid Sher Ali said he would apprise the Prime Minister in this regard.

Director FDE Dr Shehnaz Riaz told the meeting that the ministry officials were creating hurdles in promotion in scale-20 and appointment as Director General for the last eight years, adding, Supreme Court and Federal Services Tribunal has also given its decision in her favor, but the ministry was not implementing it and college principal has been appointed as DG FDE.

Federal Education Minister Mir Hazar Jakhrani and Secretary Abdur Rauf told the meeting that the name of Dr Shehnaz Anjum was sent to the selection board twice, however rejected both the times and the ministry has no interference in it, on which the committee decided to summon the senior officials of the board.

The committee also constituted three-member committee under Maimona Hashmi for the collection of facts and other details about Farah Hamid Dogar case.


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