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Gojra affectees refuse to take relief goods

The affectees of Gojra incidents have refused to take relief goods provided to them under US Aid and protested against registering of case against them.

According to a private TV Channel, the incident started when the process of distribution of relief goods started and some affectees refused to take goods and started to damage it.

The US Consulate Officer who reached Catholic Church in Gojra to distribute goods left the Church after delivering address.

The affectees urged that instead of giving justice to them, cases have been registered against them, saying they would not accept goods until dropping of cases against them.

The affectees who accepted relief goods later returned the goods and joined the protest.

Earlier, the US Consulate Officer in her address said that the incidents like Gojra should be stopped through collective efforts.

She also talked on situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan and issues related to terrorism.


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