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Nawaz left for Saudi Arabia in 2000 by signing 10-years deal: Maj. General (Retd) Rashid Qureshi

Former Presidential Spokesman of President Pervez Musharraf Maj. General (Retd) Rashid Qureshi has elucidated that former prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif left for Saudi Arabia in 2000 in accordance with a deal of 10-years’ exit with the support of Saudi King Shah Abdullah.

Talking in a private TV channel program here on Monday, he informed that in 2001 Mian Nawaz Sharif had appealed to Saudi King Shah Abdullah and with the Saudi King’s backing and pursuance, signed a 10-years agreement to seek pardon.

He also disclosed that the condition regarding non-participation in politics for 10-years for Mian Nawaz Sharif was also included in the agreement.

Former Presidential Spokesman further informed that there was no relevance between presence of Federal Interior Minister A. Rehman Malik in Saudi Arabia during the meeting of Pervez Musharraf with Saudi King Shah Abdullah.

He also clarified that Pervez Musharraf during his meeting with Shah Abdullah had not appealed for his support regarding averting his trial issue in the country.

Former President Pervez Musharraf was still liked in America and other number of countries, as Indian media has also acknowledged the fact that he has brilliantly defended his stance on Pakistan during his visit to India.

Responding to a query regarding killing of Akbar Bugti, he stated that he has been an accomplice in firing at the security Forces, as his activists martyred a Military Captain and Major in firing.

He also disclosed that military action in Lal Masjid was initiated when 92 to 93 terrorists were holed inside the Masjid.


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