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JUI-N, JI reject Kerry Lugar Bill

A fifteen member delegation of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan JUI(noorani) under the chairmanship of Sahibzada Abul Khair met with Chairman Jamiat Islami (JI) Syed Munawar Hassan and discussed Kerry-Lugar bill, possible operation in south Waziristan, American intervention in the country here on Wednesday.

Sectary general Liaquat Baloch JI Vice chairman Muhammad Aslam and sectary information Anwar khan Niazi were also present on this occasion.

At this occasion leaders from both sides termed kerry-Lugar bill against national security and demanded from the government to reject it. During the meeting sheer concerns were expressed regarding increasing American influence in the country and said that the policies of the current government are also a part of Musharraf government.

Sources told this agency that matters related to re-organization of MMA also discussed however participation of Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman in government is said to be a big hurdle in this matter.

Both the parties agreed that presence of America in the region is basic reason behind extremism and American secret agencies are working to increase terrorism.


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