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Karachi University Student Throws Shoe on US professor

A Karachi University student on Thursday threw shoe on a US visiting professor during his lecture at the international relations department, eyewitnesses said.

An eyewitness said that a first-year student of the international relations department (evening programme), namely Mohammad Hussein, who also happened to be the class representative, threw his shoe on a former New York Times reporter, and visiting professor Clifford May, while he was responding to heat-generating questions at the end of his lecture on “Religious Extremism & Terrorism.”.

The shoe, however, did not hit the guest, and landed on the stage.

The lecture was arranged with the help of US Consulate at the said Department. Some officials of US Consulate and senior faculty members were present when the incident occurred.

The student fled from the scene after throwing shoe. According to university sources, a disciplinary action will be taken against the student, and a meeting of disciplinary committee has been convened in this regard.

Dr Monis Ahmer, the chairman of the IR department said that a student tried to lodge his protest, and became violent. However, the situation was brought under control by the faculty members, he claimed.



  1. Amir Ashraf

    Bohot acha kia, shabaaashhh…………..

  2. sana

    i m his senior and i know that the student is very rude arrogant and violent……besides this is not the correct way to protest to ppl who are not at all responsible of the current situation

  3. @sana, black propaganda, from neocons.


  4. For Justice

    @lies and propaganda against a already troubled student.

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