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GHQ under attack: Troops and militants exchange fire at GHQ

Islamabad, PakistanHeavy firing and explosion were heard near General Headquarters in Rawalpindi on Saturday. According to media report, a heavy exchange of fire erupted Saturday between troops and unknown attackers who tried to raid the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi.

The incident occurred when a speedy white color vehicle passed the army security checkpoint. The security forces tried to stop it but the militants in the vehicle started firing at them. Soldiers sealed off all roads leading to the headquarters and a helicopter was hovering over the area. After the incident, the employees in GHQs and nearby offices were asked not to come out till clearance of the area. According to the sources, the attackers were equipped with latest automatic weapons. Four militants tried to enter in General Headquarters, Private TV Channel reported. All four terrorists who carried out gun onslaught at army checkpost, have been killed.

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani have condemned the attack.

It may be recalled here the intelligence agencies Friday informed the military and political leadership that some militant disguised in military uniform can attack Rawalpindi.



  1. M Faizan Asghar

    We all know, India is involve attack at GHQ , than why we are take a Silence.
    It’s attack at Our Integrity . I salute to my Bravest Warriors of ISLAM. Who give their lives to secure our New Generation , Our Country, and ISLAM

  2. Pakistan needs to grab Rukhsana and use her to fight. She’s one bad Paki chica! She’d probably do better than the Pak mil. Haha


  3. well, do we remember how India boosted over, when Mumbai was under attack … I would like to go to the extent to say that we must put some pressure on India to pass over the message to mend its ways.

    Allah hamara aur hamaray mulk ka hami o nasir ho (ameen).

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