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Zardari shows his acting utmost skill in a Pakistani movie of late sixties

zardari in film
zardari actingA video clip of black and white film of Pakistan, released in late sixties has become talk of the town these days in which President Asif Ali Zardari played the role of confidant young Waheed Murad and performed this character with utmost skill.

The name of the film was Salgira and it was released in 1969. Asif Ali Zardari, according to his birthday, was 14 years young when he worked as a child star in this film.

The film had a melodious love story which was directed by Qamar Zaidi and produced by Najma Hassan.

The film cast Waheed Murad, Shamim Ara, Tariq Aziz, Santosh Rissal, Nirala, Nighat Sultana and Talish

It was a super hit film and it also has all time nation’s favourite songs “Meri zindagi hai naghma” and “Lay aai phir kahan par” sung by Melody Queen Noor Jehan.

The video shows a scene in which the co actor said to Zardari that he is not going school today as he has pain in his stomach. Asif Ali Zardari in reply said that this is your routine play. The co actor then said to Zardari not to go school so we both play together, in reply the little Zardari said “go state to school”.

The perfect dialogue delivery made Zardari a confidant child star actor in that film. Although Asif Ali Zardari, who is the current president of Pakistan, has not seen, showing his acting skills again in any other film of Pakistan.


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