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Media will be the next target of militants: Top security sources

various_tv_channels_from_pakistanTop security sources have said offices of private TV channels, National Press Club Islamabad, press clubs across the country and offices of print media will be the next target of the terrorists.

According to a senior security official a telephonic conversation of a commander from Baitullah Mehsud net work had been taped wherein he was issuing directives to his subordinate commanders to target offices of security forces in all the major cities of Pakistan besides attacking media offices all over the country.

Security official said information had been received by them that terrorists net works were operating in rural areas too due to connections between banned outfits and Taliban. They would mount pressure on the government from all sides. The militants had changed their attacks strategy, he added. They were now trying to target top officials during their attacks, he indicated. There were authentic reports with us that the terrorists could kidnap school bus of some reputed educational institution, he pointed out.

Sources told a larger private TV network had received direct threats of attacks from militants.


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  1. Just keep scaring people

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