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Twin blasts at IIUI have links with Waziristan: IG Islamabad

IG Islamabad Kaleem Imam has said important development has been made in connection with Tuesday’s twin suicide in the capital, saying terrorism incidents have link with Waziristan.

Talking to media men here on Wednesday, the IG Islamabad said that the investigation was underway and the report would be presented to the government soon.

Responding to a question, Syed Kaleem Imam said that no main arrest has been made, however several suspected people have been arrested in connection with the blast.

He said that the ages of both terrorists were from 18 to 20 years and their remains have been sent for DNA.

Commenting on security measures, the IG Islamabad said that a new security plan has been in placed and effectiveness of range of security has been enhanced as well as patrolling while rural areas of the capital are also being monitored.

Responding to a question, he said that it was difficult to stop suicide attacks, however, their intensity can be reduced, saying it was difficult to check pedestrian checking but measure were underway.


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