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Farooq Haider New AJK ‘PM’

Raja Farooq Haider of the Muslim Conference has been elected as the new “prime minister” of Azad Kashmir Thursday.

Farooq secured 29 votes, while his party rival and acting “prime minister” Yaqoob Khan got 19 votes.

The AJK legislative assembly was presided by the speaker Ghulam Kadir.

New leader of the house was elected through secret balloting.

Twenty-nine members of the House gave votes to Raja Farooq out of total forty-eight House members. The opposing candidate Sardar Yaqoob Khan got nineteen votes.

Raja Farooq Haider would be the 9th prime minister of AJK.

While addressing the House Sardar Yaqoob congratulated Raja Farooq Haider on his dominating success. He said that he is ready to work with Raja Farooq Haider as a new prime minister of AJK and will cooperate with him.

Earlier, Yaqoob Khan had advised “President” Zulqarnain Khan against summoning the assembly session. Muslim Conference chief Ateeq Ahmed didn’t agree with this.

Yaqoob Khan had resigned last week to prevent what he termed “horse trading” in view of a threatened no-confidence motion.

Ahead of Thursday’s voting, security was beefed up in Muzaffarabad, the capital of AJK. There was snap checking at the entry points to the capital while special security passes were issued for entering the assembly secretariat.


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