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Update of Peshawar Blast: death toll rises to 108, 200 injured

A remote controlled car bomb killed at least 108 people including women and children and injured around 200 others at the provincial capital’s Meena Bazar on Wednesday.

19 women, 11 children among dead
25 in critical condition
150 kg of explosives used in attack
Mosque, several other buildings collapse
Car was parked in market 3 hours before explosion: shopkeepers
Death toll highest in Peshawar’s history


  1. r4i

    This is terrific, this blasts terror is getting increased say by day. People are dying in mass becuase of this. One can even let go if it is a natural calamity but this is a human made mistake just for the selfish motive and just for a sake of money they are doing it.

  2. Well this is not at all good, doctor , scientists are finding the way out to save people from the diseases like cancer, swine flu etc and this side people are dying in bulk like anything.

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