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Even my mom could score runs on Pak pitches: Boycott

Legendry former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott has urged the Pakistan cricket authorities to prepare more bowler friendly tracks so that batsmen get a feel of international conditions and do not struggle on foreign tours.Boycott, in his same old witty style, told a Pakistan website that Pakistani pitches are so flat and batsman friendly that even his mom could score runs on them.

“The plan is simple, you see off a few overs from the new ball and you are set. Then you can just counter the bowling by planting your front foot down the track and playing almost everything off the front foot with ease. I would say that my mother could score runs out there,” Boycott said.

Boycott pointed out that Pakistani pitches were far too much in favour of batsmen and stressed on the need of preparing a balanced playing strip which offers help to both the batsmen as well as the bowlers.”There has to be in future some sort of balance and equality between bat and ball, otherwise Pakistan will continue to produce batsmen who can`t score runs away from the sub continent. The wickets are too flat and too true,” he said.

Technical skills of batsmen could not be tested on Pakistani pitches as anybody can score runs on them even with a `rhubarb stick`, said the former Yorkshire opener.

“As a batsman you don`t have to think too much about your batting, you are not tested technically and you dont have to concentrate too hard to score freely on those wickets. The issue here is that it`s difficult to adapt to other types of wickets when you have been brought up on such flat tracks,” he said.


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