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Peshawar: Bomb disposal squad blows a suspicious vehicle with petrol bomb to check it caries a bomb or not

Pakistani policeThe bomb disposal squad of Peshawar created a novel way to check suspicious vehicle by blowing them with petrol bomb, is what they did when they received reports of a ‘suspicious vehicle’ parked in Kallaan Bazaar.

According to details a person parked his Mini Pajero with the number plate D-2428 at Kallaan Bazaar. The suspicions of nearby shopkeepers were raised when that person did not come back till long; panic gripped and shopkeepers closed their shops and called the bomb disposal squad.

The squad came and instead of scanning that vehicle, blew the vehicle by tying a petrol bomb with the back mirror of the vehicle to check whether it carried a bomb or not.

peshawar blastEyewitnesses said that police asked the nearby shopkeepers and locals to leave the place.
“We all were standing not a 100 meter away from that vehicle when police started this whole drama and we all were amazed to see this new way of checking the bomb” said an eyewitness.

He said that use of such senseless techniques by the police, speaks about the volume of lack of preparation to tackle any terrorism incident in city.

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