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PML-N calls for investigation into attack on Khawaja Asif

Tasneem Siddiqui, a PML-N law maker has strongly condemned the attack on party leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif by husband of a woman MNA and his bullies and demanded of the speaker national assembly to take stern notice of the incident of rowdyism in parliament lodges and order for investigation.

MNA Tasneem Siddiqui said security arrangements in parliament lodges were very poor and due to this these armed hooligans entered into the parliament lodges unchecked and forced Khawaja Asif through threats to tender apology again in the house on a minor incident while Khawaja Asif had already apologized over it for the sake of settlement of the matter.

Despite the fact, Khawaja Asif committed no excess but Amjid Warraich, a former MNA and husband of woman MNA threatened and bullied Khawaja Asif.

It may be recalled that Khawaja Asif during his speech had called Farkhanda Amjid Warraich MNA, a stranger and upon it she had wept. However Khawaja Asif had regretted over his remarks.

Investigations revealed Amjid Ali Warraich, accompanied by his armed guards reached Khawaja Asif Lodge No J-401 at 1245 hours on Friday. He called Khawaja Asif on the door and used abusive language against him. His guards caught Khawaja Asif by neck.

Khawaja Asif addressing Amjid Ali Warraich said he had not hurt Farkhanda Amjid Warraich intentionally and what happened was outcome of some misgiving and he had regretted over it on the spot. Amjid Warraich later threatened Khawaja Asif of dire consequences.

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