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Youth Prime Minister Announces the Youth Cabinet

Youth Cabinet of the third batch of the Youth Parliament Pakistan was announced by the Youth Prime Minister.

Following Portfolios were allotted to the members; Ms. Madeeha Shahid Rana (YP34-PUNJAB16), Youth Minister for Culture, Sports & Youth Affairs, Mr. Waqas Nazar Tiwana (YP21-PUNJAB03), Youth Minister for Foreign Affairs & Defence, Mr. Zulqarnain Haider (YP20-PUNJAB02), Youth Minister for Health & Environment, Mr. Shamas ur Rehman Alvi (YP48-SINDH11), Youth Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Affairs, Mr. Hannan Ali Abbasi (YP15-NWFP04) Youth Minister for Information and Mr. Hassan Sajjad Naqvi (YP25-PUNJAB07), Youth Minister for Law, Human Rights and Parliamentary Affairs.

Earlier today, Mr. Hassan Sajjad Naqvi (YP25-PUNJAB07) moved a resolution to pass a vote of confidence for the Youth Prime Minister and the House expressed its confidence and trust on the elected Youth Prime Minister.

Mr. Khizar Pervaiz (YP40-SINDH03) presented a motion to discuss the implementation of capital punishment should be meted out strictly to the perpetrators of crimes against women, as these are on the rise. Debate was generated in the house from both sides on different aspects of the motion ranging from the different categories of crimes prevailing against women to general attitude of public towards these crimes. Youth Prime Minister during his speech referred this motion to the standing committee on Law and Justice to review the state of National laws regarding protection of women and present a report in the house in the next session.

Mr. Imtiaz Ali Khuhro (YP46-SINDH09) and Mr. Hammal Muneer Jan (YP03-BALOCHISTAN02) presented a resolution that Pakistan should adopt aggressive policy on water issue against India and an effective water management policy should be adopted immediately. Members urged to adopt immediate measures for water reservation techniques and to promote awareness among the masses on this issue. Members also stressed that Government should tackle the water dispute with India on pure diplomatic grounds and avoid conflict. This resolution was adopted by the House.

Another resolution was moved by Mr. Hannan Ali Abbasi (YP15-NWFP04), Mr. Waqas Nazar Tiwana (YP21-PUNJAB03) and Syed Manzoor Shah (YP04-BALOCHISTAN03). The resolution said that practical steps should be taken to promote Urdu Language at National level as mentioned in the Constitution of Pakistan and recommend promoting Urdu Language through the use of modern technology. The resolution was adopted with large majority by the House.


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