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Kids grow taller while they are asleep

A new study conducted by scientists at The University of Wisconsin suggests that 90 percent of bone growth happens at night.

According to BBC, the researchers led by Dr Norman Wilsman put sensors into the leg bones of baby lambs and confirmed that most growth spurts occurred when the animals were at rest or sleeping. Almost no growth occurs when the lambs are standing or moving around.

Bone length was continuously measured by the sensors every 167 seconds for around three weeks. “What was really interesting was that the bones were growing only when the animals were lying down, and almost no growth occurs when the lambs are standing or moving around,” Wils man was quoted as saying.

The researchers believe that when the animal is at rest, pressure on the bones involved with growth – the growth plates – is eased, allowing them to elongate. “Growth plates may be like springs that, during standing and walking, experience compression and tension. When these strains are eased, as when the animal lies down or goes to sleep, they resume growing,” Wilsman added.



  1. Thank you very much for the information provided! I was finding for this info for a long time, but I wasn’t able to see a reliable source.

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  4. Most growth occurs at night while a person sleeps. HGH is released into the bloodstream at night, which is the catalyst for growth. It makes sense that bone growth also occurs at night.

  5. In my personal experience, the best thing you can do to grow taller are pull up exercises. First, they have the same gravity reversing benefits as hanging stretches. Second, they are resistance training and high intensity exercise has been proven to naturally boost HGH levels. Third, it helps correct your posture. I do pull ups 5 to 6 times per week, usually in the morning.

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