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President agrees to remove Governor NWFP

While accepting the sheer demands of the FATA Members, President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday has agreed to remove Governor NWFP Owais Ahmed Ghani.

After joint consultations with all the coalition partners, new governor will be appointed till the end of December, President expressed these views while talking to a delegation comprising of Senators and MNAs from FATA at the Presidency on Thursday.

Federal Minister for Interior Rehman A. Malik, Senator Nayyar Hussain Bokhari, Federal Minister for States and Frontier Regions Najmuddin Khan, Senator Sardar Ali, Akhunzada Chitan, Zahir Ali Shah and Rahimdad Khan were also present during the meeting, Spokesman of the Presidency said.

Matters relating to developmental issues in FATA, tribal reforms in FATA and law and order situation came under discussion during the meeting.

President Asif Ali Zardari said that the democratic government is committed to the uplift and political and economic emancipation of the Tribal people.

He said that the people of tribal areas would be brought at par with the people of other parts of the country in terms of development.

Reliable Sources of the Presidency told Online that during the course of the meeting, President Zardari said that gradually we are coming to the logical end of SWA operation and Army will complete it successfully soon.

He urged US to establish ROZs in tribal Areas for the economic stability of the people so that youngsters can get employment and refrain themselves from extremism tooth and nail.

Sources say that the vibrant members of the FATA demanded from President to immediately remove NWFP Governor Owais Ghani, as he does not take apt interest in their sheer matters thus not meet them on regular basis.

The members of the delegation thanked the President for his keen interest in the uplift of FATA.


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