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Jamil Bugti slaps Mubashar Luqman at Lahore Airport

Jamil Akbar Bugti, Son of Nawab Akbar Bugti slapped famous TV anchor and host of a show on Express News Mubashar Luqman, at Lahore Airport after the anchor used abusive language against Jamil Akbar bugti and Balochistan.

While talking to media Jamil Bugti said that “I was standing in the line to get my boarding pass at Lahore Airport, when I reached at the reception, I requested the officer to give me a comfortable seat on plane , the anchor Mubashar Luqman, was standing behind me at that time, he started criticizing me by saying “they take PIA on contract”.

Jamil Bugti said that he ignored the anchor’s remarks but he did not stop and start using abusing language against me and Balochs and showed his hatred against us which he cannot bear and to shut his mouth he slapped the anchor.

Jamil Bugti said that the producer of Mubashar Luqman’s programme has invited him in his programme a few days back but he refused to go because he do not go to those programmes whose anchors’ are agents of agencies.

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  1. khalid yousaf

    well done mr. bugti these creeps require this kind of treatmant. few of these anchors and media honchos are blackmailers

  2. Free-Speaker

    Son of a terrorist and “poor-people-abusing” land lord slaps a tv anchor who unlike all the other kiss-ass anchors speaks the truth.

    • Attaullah Balouch

      people like mubashir luqman deserve more than what Mr Bugti has did. well done Mr.Bugti, Luqman never forget a Balochi hand. once again i must say well done, Baloch Sahb.

  3. Salar Baloch

    Well Done Mr Bugti, you did a great Job, if i get such a chance i will also do the same with Mubashar Lucman. And will kill the harami Zaid Hamid for abusing Baloch Nation.

  4. Shezad Baloch

    The anchor like Mubashar Lukman deserve more slaps. One is not enough for him.

  5. sunrise Khuzdar

    Great Bugti..good acknowledgment for cheep anchors.

  6. Fatema

    Mr. Bugti should have put his shoes in this anchor’s mouth. This is the only way to treat an occupier.

  7. Futie

    Thank you Honorable Bugti, you have done something I have always wanted to do, slap an idiot.


    Well done Mr,Bugti Baloch i appreciate you.

  9. mir dora kohdai

    great job mr jamel.

  10. naseem baloch

    great job sir.

  11. Bravo Mr Jamil Akbar Bugti, we the Baloch nation is really happy that a Baloch son had slaped a journalist who works for Pakistani agencies in his home (Lahore).
    Mubashar and few others are 100% working for ISI, MI and other agencies of Pakistan.
    This is shamfull of other Balochs like Mahbat Khan Zindozai, Malik Baloch, Hasil Bazinjo, Shahid, Ahmdan, Shahnawaz zindozai and others are sitting in Punjabi Pakistani parliament.
    The Baloch nation should slap thes so called Balochs are well because thay are against of the struggle of independent Balochistan.





  14. An Zaidi

    Well Done Bugti. You have done only what you can do best. Now the influence has expanded and other citizens of Pakistan are becoming victims; previously only poor and simple Baloch population was being exploited and victimized. If you are that righteous as you claim; kindly give account of all the royalty you and your family has collected from Govt. and list public welfare and development programs which were completed in Dera Bugti area in the past including the time when Akbar Bugti was Governor.
    In the name of Almighty Allah be truthful and fair and do not instigate Honorable people of Baluchistan to turn against Pakistan and its citizens. Time is not far when their hands will reach your throats and throats of your likes in Baluchistan as well as rest of Pakistan.

  15. Shame on you all

    shame on u all idiots…i have nothing to say because u all who like this act are Jahils who dont know how to talk with someone even your leader dnt know this . everyone slaps others and think he is the best one,,…..shame on ur behavior shame on ur comments shame on ur feeling …shame on ‘U’. A leader is a servant why should he travel comfortable while other are uncomfortable. if u have ever read islam history then u should know how a leader should be. Muhammad PBUH shows in gazwa e khandak how A LEADER SHOULD BE. MAY GOD BLESS MY COUNTRY FROM PEOPLE LIKE U :::AAMIN

    ::::::::: THATS ALL:::::

    • konsi baloch kom honay ka dava krtay ho you idiots.
      Yeh illegitimate leaders tumhain ghulam bnae huay hain.
      Is insan ka baap tumharay ilakay ma ek school to bnnay nae daita tha jahilo. Tum is insan ko true keh rahay ho.
      Shame on you people.

  16. some guy...

    Baluchi retards…… cant even see that their leaders are depriving them of education so they can control these dumb retards even more… sigh……. if only they could see….

  17. tum log khud b slave ho or apni anay wali naslon ko b slave he bnana chahtay ho. Khuda ra jaago. In feudal ki ghulami choro yeh nahin chahtay tum log uper ao. they want you to b slaves. apna nahin to km se km apni anay wali naslon ka he socho zalimo.

  18. TANVIR

    Jamil Bugti’s son was shot down couple of months ago because that stupid idiot arranged a nude dance show for him and his friends and a scuffle with other goons ended in a shoot out and grandson of Bugti the murderer was gone.
    Slapping Mubashar is not something we should appreciate rather we all should spit on the face of these vaderas
    Malaoon Bugtees who insist on jehalat


  1. Dora

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