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No immunity be given under NRO: Mian Nawaz Sharif

PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has said those involved in seeking loan relief amounting to Rs 100 billion be held accountable adding no general immunity be granted under National Reconciliation Ordinance.

“The elements against whom loans amounting to more than Rs 100 billion have been written off must be held accountable. No one should be above accountability nor immunity be granted to the beneficiaries of NRO”, he said this while talking to ANP leader and federal minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilore who called on the former at his residence in Raiwind Friday.

People had pinned high hopes on the democratic government and political leadership and they wanted the injuries inflicted by military dictatorship be healed up, he remarked. People wanted basic amenities be provided to them and peace prevails in the country and menace of terrorism be countered, he added.

Political forces had rendered unprecedented sacrifices for the ongoing democratic system in the country, he maintained. Therefore success of democratic system is corporate responsibility of the government and opposition, he stressed. But opposition was justified in its stance that basic facilities of life be provided to the common man, he added. The pledges made with the people be delivered, national issues be dealt with through good governance and merit, corruption be uprooted and the guilty persons be punished in accordance with law, he demanded. No one was sacred cow and no one was above law on this count, he added.

The strength of democratic success was linked to transparent accountability system, he observed. “We can address our problems through supremacy of parliament and adherence to law and constitution. National sovereignty and reliance on national resources should be hell mark of a nation”, he noted.


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