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Use of sugar ban in Ministry for Food and Agriculture

Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar Muhammad Gondal has initiated a countrywide drive to minimize the consumption of sugar by announcing a total ban on the use of sugar in his office and all the concerned offices of the Ministry.

Chairing a meeting at his office to look into the matter of the huge use of sugar across the country, the minister said that we needs to formulate ways and means to reduce the huge consumption of sugar in households and other eatables.

The incumbent Government is determined to bring down sugar per capita consumption to the level of the neighboring country Bangladesh. The per year capita consumption to the commodity in Pakistan is about 24 KG which is even more than the double of only 11 KG in Bangladesh, he said.

The minister emphasized that the excessive use of sugar is not even good for human. “We must reduce the consumption of sugar as it excusive use is not for human health. Our very much realistic target is to bring down its use to the level of Bangladesh”, he said.

The minister said that the motive behind the drive is to make the people conscious of the huge consumption of sugar unknowingly. People must know the level of sugar we consume is dangerously high, expressed the minister.


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