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Aqsa Irfan, Injured student of IIUI died on Sunday

Aqsa Irfan, who was fighting for her life from the last one month and sixteen days, has died on Sunday evening.

Aqsa was seriously injured in the 20th October’s blast at International Islamic University IIUI, from that day the doctors of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences PIMS had put her on ventilator.

She was first year student of software engineering at IIUI and was living in Chakwal.

His father Malik Muhammad Irfan had appealed to President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Gilani to direct the PIMS officials for special medical care for his daughter, but had not got any response from them.



  1. Pakistan truly is at a cross-way right now, and it is high time we charge forward with our heads held high. We have seen enough death for anyone to tell us to do more, and we realize our shortcomings. We have heard plenty of mothers crying and observed too many fathers burying their sons for us to wait and see what happens next. Tomorrow is another day, another start; it is up to us what we make of it. Those who threaten the very essence of our survival do not have the control over our decisions. Now is not the time to settle our political or religious differences, but rather the time to work and make Pakistan a better place.


  2. malaikah

    its so freakingggg sadddd….arghh makes me so angryyyy =(

  3. malaikah

    may Aqsa rest in peace Ameeeen


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