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30 killed, 90 injured in twin blasts in Lahore

At least 30 persons died and more than 90 others were injured in twin blasts in Moon Market Lahore on Monday night.

According to details the first blast occurred at Bando Khan Restaurant while the second one took place after a short interval out side the “Pan Shop” in Moon market-Iqbal Town.

Electronic media while quoting SSP operations, Lahore, announced that 30 persons died and 90 others were injured in twin blasts in Moon Market Lahore on Monday night

It is reported that a large number of women and children were present in market. Therefore, the causalities’ toll may be large at the time of the incident.

Private TV channels revealed that the blasts occurred near Dubai Chowk-Iqbal Town adjacent to Moon market. The blasts were immediately followed by eruption of a huge fire. Several Shops and a Bank caught fire, while several vehicles were also damaged in the blast.

Local police, Rescue teams, 1122, bomb disposal squad and fire fighter rushed to the spot immediately, and shifted the injured to Sheikh Zaid and Jinnah Hospitals. Meanwhile emergency had been declared in Sheikh Zaid and Jinnah Hospitals.

Media reports said that 50 of the injured were shifted to Jinnah hospital while 40 have been rushed to Sheikh Zahid Hospital, while soon after the incident, the police cordoned off the area.

Soon after the blast, electricity of the area has also been disconnected due to which all the area has sunk in darkness causing great difficulty in rescue operation.

Eyewitnesses told that the blast was so huge that it was heard at a distance of 3 kilometer, and after the blast fire flames arose sky high.

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani condemned the twin blasts in Lahore. And both have also reiterated their resolve in countering terrorism and not to allow anyone disrupt peace in the country.

In separate messages, the two leaders expressed deep sorrow over the loss of life. They also ordered investigation into the incident and best possible medical treatment for the injured.

Quaid PML-N Mian Mohammad Nawaz, Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Governor Punjab Suleman Taseer, PML-Q and other parties have strongly condemned the blast.


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  1. Yet again Pakistani’s find themselves, lined up, shoulder to shoulder offering prayers for the departed. Pakistan truly is at a cross-way right now, and it is high time we charge forward with our heads held high. We have seen enough death for anyone to tell us to do more, and we realize our shortcomings. We have heard plenty of mothers crying and observed too many fathers burying their sons for us to wait and see what happens next. Tomorrow is another day, another start; it is up to us what we make of it.


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