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12 die in suicide blast in Multan Cantt

At least 12 people were killed including three children and 4 security officials while 15 others including 4 children and two women sustained serious injuries in a suicide blast in Qasim Bella area of Multan Cantonment.

A suicide bomber hit a building of intelligence agency in Qasim Bella area of Multan Cantt, killing 12 people including children and injuring 15 others, a Private TV Channel quoted source as saying.

4 children and two women were among the injured while 4 security Personnel 8 civilians were also among the deceased, sources added. Rescue teams reached at the site and injured were shifted to Nishtar hospital where emergency has been declared.

Qasim Bella is a sensitive area where aviation base, office of intelligence agency, house of corps commander, mosque and college are situated.

Round about 20 to 25 houses was also damaged in the blast. The security forces have cordoned off the entire area and media men are not allowed to enter. The windowpanes of nearby areas were also damaged in the blast whose voice was heard in area of 5 kilometers. Helicopters were hovering over the area.

The security forces have found head of suicide bomber, sources added. Terrorists struck three Provincial headquarters on Monday, killing at least 60 people and leaving 150 others injured while blast in Multan was the fourth during last 48 hours.

According to a report of Private TV a major explosion followed by a small explosion was heard in Multan Cantt. According to bomb disposal squad, round about 10 to 12 kilogram explosive material was used in the blast.

A Private TV Channel quoted security sources as saying we have information about entrance of six terrorists in the area therefore whole area has been sealed.


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