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PAF surprises Nation with acquisition of Swedish AWAC aircraft

In a surprise move, which has stunned the Nation and media alike, PAF announced delivery of its first ever AWAC (Advance Warning Air Craft) from SAAB of Sweden.

PAF, maintaining utter secrecy had acquired the aircraft weeks earlier, but in a surprise move revealed the news to media on Tuesday.

PAF Sources informed that the plane had been delivered by Sweden 6 months ago, and was frequently used by the air chief himself.

The aircraft is among four, Sweden is supposed to deliver to Pakistan, but have been announced to be well beyond their delivery schedule

Sources have informed that the aircraft had a surveillance capability of well upto 400 kilometers, at a maximum ceiling of 30,000 feet.

The comparatively lighter aircraft has latest avionics, and sources have linked the delay of other three aircraft, due to lack of payment resources by Pakistan.


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