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Women parliamentarians stage Token-Walk against terrorism incidents in the country

Women Members’ Parliament staged a Token-Walk from parliament House to Supreme Court under aegis of Women Parliamentary Wing against increasing terrorism incidents and loss of innocent lives in terrorist activities in the country.

According to details Women Parliamentarians in heading of Nafissa Shah staged Token-Walk here Wednesday on Constitution Avenue from Parliament to Supreme Court Building against prevailing terrorism incidents and loss of lives.

Addressing on the occasion Secretary Women parliamentary wing Nafeesa Shah stated that the terrorist elements, who were attacking at Masajid have nothing to do with Islam and were maligning Islam and Pakistan worldwide by bringing death to innocent children and women adding that the terrorist elements could do anything to accomplish their nefarious designs.

Participants of the Token-Walk appreciating endeavors of Pakistan’s security forces underlined that the whole Pakistani nation was united and supporting its security forces and reiterated to face the challenges of terrorism with unity and harmony.

Federal Population Minister Dr. Firdaus Ashiq Awan, State Minister Mehreen Anwar Raja and numbers of other women parliamentarians participated in the token-walk and the participants have also raised placards and banners inscribed with anti-terrorism slogans.

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