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FIR of Dr Aafia abduction registered

FIR of abduction of Dr Aafia and her daughter has been registered in Gulshan Iqbal police station Karachi.

According to details, Dr Aafia and her children were kidnapped on March 30 2003 and FIR against this has been lodge after the report of her sister Dr Fauzia. FIR no of incident is 773/09.

Home minister Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Mirza also constituted a joint investigative team under the supervision of DIG east Abdul Khaliq sheikh and SSP investigation Niaz khoso.

It is pertinent to merit here that Dr Afia case is also under trial in US court.

In this regard Dr Fauzia Siddiqui told this agency that she also got a copy of FIR, which was left by some body before her house. 9 Dec is the date of FIR written over it.


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