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Kashmala vs Hanif:Kashmala tariq attacks Hanif Abbasi with glass in a local TV show

Taunting laugh created trouble for one of the beautiful parliamentarian of Pakistan

A war situation has been created in a local TV program when Kashmala Tariq tried to hit Hanif Abbasi with a tumbler (water glass) but luckily Abbasi escaped this attack.

This happened when taunting laugh of Kashmala provoke Abbasi to use unparliamentary language live during the show hence both of them got angry and Kashmala left the program by throwing glass at Abbasi.

Hanif Abbasi used the same words for Kashmala– but in a different style, which had been used by Firdose Ashiq Awan in another TV program few months before.

There is a common thing in both of these programs which created such situation and that is the Kashmala Tariq’s teasing laugh. One might noticed the program in which Firdose Ashiq used abusing language that just before Firdose used that language Kashmala laughed heavily which made Firdose angry and the same happened in the recent program.

Abbasi was giving his remarks when Kashmala Tariq interpreted and then laugh which made Abbasi angry and then he said that he is not the one who came in politics by sitting in the lap of dictator “I am the one who got 80,000 votes not you” he said in an angry mood.

This made Kashmala Tariq angry and in reply of Abbasi’s bitter words she said that “enough is enough and I am leaving the program”.

This was the second time when Kashmala faced situation like this, the first was when Firdose Ashiq Awan abused him in Express TV show.



  1. Dr Kamran

    It is a shame that these women are MNA/MPA. The people of Pakistan should remove them. Pervaiz Musharaf was notorious for women He brought these for his lust.

    • it is very shame and i think kashmalais an educated girl she is blamed only that people are jaleous .she is acute lady.i respect her.

  2. Lolz…Can you post the video of this incident? Thanks

  3. Iftikhar Ahmad

    I agree with Dr Kamran. Musharraf was interested to see beautiful faces in the parliament and thus given them ministries as well. So is Zardari, following his foot steps.

  4. Rana Mohammed Akram

    kashmala is very lovely cute.I do not want her to use soft beautiful hand for the hard face of Abbasi. I love her in any way. I want to marry her.

  5. farhad

    Kashmala is well educated personality as comparatively with hanif abbasi although he is elected member of parliment The gentleman immediately turned to other side of the road.That action does not suit to him

  6. rajab shah

    kashmala tariq and farzana bari who runs an NGO are both qadianis cause in the tv talk show they again again asserting the fact that qadianis are muslims and the temples of qadianis are mosques.
    i am sure when kashmala tariq stands for election next time objections shall be raised and she shall be asked to compete for reserved seat for minorities.

  7. Murtaza

    Well, can’t comment on some one’s faith, since I hvn’t personally heard any such thing from Ms. Kashmala as stated by Mr. Rajab Shah. For sure, Qadianis/Ahmadi’s are not Muslim and they should not be allowed to call themselves Muslim either.

    Nevertheless,so far as heated debate between Mr. Abbasi and Kashmala is concerned, I think, Mr. Abbasi was over agreesive, to an extent inappropriate for a gentlemen. We have to develope a culture of reasonablity and logical, open debate and tolerance to others ideals,thoughts n freedom of expression, within ethical boundaries, of course.

    One more thing, it is very disturbing to note that people start raising fingures on other’s character, particularly, on women, which, to the best of my understanding and belief, is not allowed in our religion.


  1. Video: Kashmala tariq attacks Hanif Abbasi with glass in a local TV show | Geo Tau Aisay Pakistan!

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