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Kashmir issue linked to regional peace: Zardari

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that in order to resolve the core issue of Kashmir, it should be viewed in perspective of regional peace.

Talking to a delegation of Azad Kashmir chapter of Hurriyet Conference, on Tuesday, he assured them of unwavering and continuous support to the cause of Kashmir, and also stressed on active participation of China in the endeavors.

He said that PPPP believed in the vision of (L) Z.A. Bhutto regarding the issue, and preferred dialogue to solve the crisis.

On the occasion, The Hurriyet Conference also presented a memorandum, stressing the resolving of core issue of Kashmir, based on the roadmap and resolution of UN, which endeavors for immediate withdrawal of troops from both sides of the Loc, nomination of neutral administrators for plebiscite arranged under the auspices of UN, as according to the approved UN resolution for the issue.

It was stressed on the occasion that “The article 257 of constitution clearly states that ” After the desired federation of Kashmiri masses with Pakistan, all the decisions of the State would be in accordance with the will of the masses of Kashmir”.

The delegation welcomed the President’s visit to Azad Kashmir, and assured him of complete and unwavering support to Pakistan for its endeavors of liberating Kashmir.

The PM of AJK, Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan and other notables were also present on the occasion.


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  1. Hira

    Pakistan People party is the only party that always chanted Kashmir is integral part of Kashmir. President Asif Ali Zardari is also representative of those great leaders that always backed Kashmir cause. The recent statement of President Zardari is very much part of strong resolve of Bhutto that Kashmir is integral part of Pakistan. Kashmir was literally bargained during Musharraf tenure but now situation has been reversed. Govt clearly conveyed message to neighbor country that Pakistan will never withdraw from Kashmir.
    History is witness that Z.A Bhutto Shaheed endorsed Operation Gibraltar in 1965 for Kashmir when Pakistani Mujahdeen attacked Chamb Jorian border. One can watch the speech of Bhutto on Kashmir In United National by clicking the link

    Similarly, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed in 89-90 addressed a huge public gathering at line of control and she chanted slogans of freedom, freedom. Now President Asif Ali Zardari also reiterated that vow and announced to fight for Kashmir till thousand years.

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