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Longest Solar Eclipse of the century and first of 2010 enthrals world

First solar eclipse of the year seen from Rawalpindi

The first and longest solar eclipse of this century is underway in different parts of the world including Pakistan.

The eclipse will last for an average of about twelve hours. In Pakistan, it will begin at 1230 and ends at 1:00 approximately.

According to meteorologists, the eclipse can be partially observed in Pakistan and will also be visible in African countries, India, Sri Lanka, China and Myanmar.

Annular solar eclipses occur when the Moon is too far to cover the Sun entirely. Therefore, when the eclipse reaches totality, you would see a ring (Annulus) around the moon and hence the name annular.

Please do exercise caution while watching this eclipse. Do not look directly at the Sun during the eclipse for it might put your eyes at risk even with your cool sunglasses. Also, do not try to use binoculars or telescopes and point at the eclipse directly without sufficient protection as you run the risk of being blinded.


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