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Watch your tongue against United States, says Fauzia

Reaffirming her full support for US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard’s Holbrook, Central Secretary Information PPP Fauzia Wahab on Friday underlined that every one must watch their tongue when commenting against US as it has given us a lot and in return we ought to respect them thick and thin.

She expressed these views while talking to Online and Media after her meeting with US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard’s Holbrook here on Friday.

Accept one member, no other party member asked about any thing to Holbrook about the new policy of screening Pakistani passengers at the US air ports and Drone attacks in Pakistan, she emphasized.

She accepted the claim of Holbrook about the anti US emotions that exists among the minds of the Pakistanis.

She went on to say that relations of United States with Pakistan are more than 4 decades urging we have seen many ups and downs in our relations with US during that phase.

US must be given first priority and doing so many things for Pakistan we must not disrespect it, Fauzia held.

Don’t blame US for what is happening in Pakistan, she said US is standing with us and has been helping Pakistan in different fields including that of war against terrorism, she pointed.

Fauzia further added that after giving us plenty of financial aid and support we are against US which is beyond her imagination and head.



  1. Iftikhar Ahmad

    Fauzia Sahiba, you better open up your eyes. If they turn you naked for security after paying you some money, Will you accept it? If you do, I shall believe that you are a professional.

  2. This is wonderful

  3. Fahim

    she is ready to be undressed by US as well as their PITTOs. she is a kind of woman Pakistanis are ashemd of. they collect dollars and sell the real muslims and pakistanis to US.

  4. Jami

    We muslims have a habit of blaming others for everything. We ourselves have no agenda and no plan and on top of it no UNITY. First get your act togather and then ask others not to indulge in your business. We are the same people who banished Z.A. Bhutto and then put BB on the throne twice, we removed Nawaz Sharif and then voted him back. Don’t you think there is something wrong with all of us. Since 1947, when we made Pakistan in the name of Islam we have been everything but Muslims. We are Shia, Sunni, deobundi, brailvi, and all kind of colored turbans.
    Now coming to Fauzia Wahab, she is a well educated woman and even if you do not agree with her statement she has to do it to continue the relations with US because WE PAKISTANI are only good CRITIQUES and personally will not do anything for the country even if we can. We dont go to work on time, we waste time in wondering what others are doing, and you just proved the point i am trying to make. You guys are talking about a muslim women being undressed, that is wht our relegion taught us. Our prophet PBUH, went to visit the women when she missed throwing garbage on our beloved Prophet, imagine the respect He had even for her.
    Come on people wake up and get your act togather and stop playing BLAME GAME. Are we Muslim just because we are born in a muslim family or are we doing something to face Allah and proudly say LA ILLAH HA ILLALAH MUHAMMED UR RASULLAH.

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