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Rehman Malik should remember the days when he was the PA of my uncle: Nabeel Gabool

State Minister for Ports & Shipping Sardar Nabeel Gabool, has said that Federal Interior Minister, Rehman Malik has no right to interfere the sovereignty of a province, instead he should remember the days when he was the Personal Assistant of his uncle.

“Liyarri does not need Rehman Malik as well as the operation ordered by Malik” said Gabool while talking to a private TV channel.

“Rehman Malik was the personal assistant of my uncle, Abdu-us-Sattar Baloch, that times Federal Minister, and he used to put stamps on the applications of Liyarri people, so he should remember all that instead ordering operation in Liyarri town” Gabool said.

He said that if Malik really wants to start an operation then it should first start from the areas where sack cuffed bodies were found.

He said that the people of Liyarri are not orphans and will not leave isolated.

He said that he had told President Asif Ali Zardari to hush up Rehman Malik as he is interfering into the personal matters of a Province.


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