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Watch more TV, die in younger age: Study

Australian scientists in their study proved that people who watched too much TV in their routine life die in younger age then those who do not watch TV for hours.

The report says every extra hour spent watching television increases people’s risk of premature death.

In a study by Melbourne Institute the scientists research eight thousand people for six years and revealed that those who watch TV for long hours in their life die in much younger age.

The head of the research Professor David Dunstan has said that People who watch four or more hours of television a day have a 46 per cent higher risk of [early] death from all causes and 80 per cent increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

He says that shows too much sitting is bad for our health.

“Prolonged sitting, because that’s the default position, and from that there’s an absence of muscle movement,” he said.

“We know from extensive evidence that muscle contractions are so important for many of the body’s regulatory processes, such as breaking down and using glucose, so that loss of muscle movement for prolonged periods may result in a disruption to the body’s regulatory processes.”

The report stresses that sitting too much is different from not exercising enough.
“The risk associated with prolonged sitting are also not necessarily offset by doing more exercise,” Professor Dunstan said.

“Because in this study even people who were exercising, if they also watched high amounts of television, they had an increased risk of premature death.”

Professor Dunstan says the team also has preliminary evidence indicating that nearly three-quarters of the working hours of office-based employees are spent sitting down.


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